Psych/Neuropsych Report GeneratorPsych/Neuropsych Report Generator

Psych/Neuropsych Report Generator

This comprehensive, fully customizable, HIPAA compliant, easy to you software can save you 75% of the time spent typing assessment reports. With the PsycWriter program, you will generate top quality reports with your own language and style. Also available for Disability, Psychosocial, and more.

  • Easy to use history questionnaire
  • Automatic score analysis statements
  • Tailored to your specifications
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Dramatic increase in efficiency & productivity

Intuitive configuration template!

By customizing the program template you can have your own history narratives, test results, interpretive statements, summary, recommendations, diagnostics, etc. all available through simple forms.

This turns the process to a point & click interaction; select from multi-select lists, fill-in text, and check statements that apply.

Advanced data collection & analysis!

Create electronic questionnaires with your own questions that can be accessed from the web, a tablet, or office computer to collect the data. Answers are written automatically to the report.

In addition, you can configure interpretive statements that will be inserted automatically in the report based on patient scores.

When customized properly, this program is guaranteed to save you 50-75% on time spent not only on typing reports, but on the entire evaluation process.


Advanced Support

  1. We provide full assistance and training for setting up and configuring the program's template.
  2. We provide templates that you can use and modify to help you configure your defalt statements, multi-select options, etc.
  3. Code Modification: We will make changes to the source code if necessary to meet any specific needs you might have.
Charges & Fees

Pricing structure is based on per-report fee. You pay by selecting (purchasing) one of many available packages that include different number of reports. The charge per report varies depending mainly on the package you choose.

In most cases, the fee per report for psychological testing ranges from $15-20, and $5-8 for reports with no clinical testing. There are discounts available for school psychology and for large volumes that are determined on per case bases.

Key Features: